Rotary Ready Communication - Week of Feb 8, 2021

There is a Southern colloquialism, ‘We’re fixin’ to get ready,’ connoting planning to prepare for something. Right now, our COVID vaccination support program may seem a little like that as hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies are awaiting larger allocations of vaccine doses.

At the same time we are making progress where we can. We will be supporting the delivery of the second vaccine dose at two large, drive-thru sites we staffed two weeks ago. One is Friday, February 12, in Mt. Pleasant. The other is Monday, February 15, in Florence. The Rotary Ready team at each site will be the people who participated for the first dose vaccination.

We will use this second round of pilot events to develop written descriptions for the key roles, such as a Site Captain and a Volunteer Coordinator, and other techniques, practices, and tools like cell phone lists, to be used by future Rotary Ready teams.

We are optimistic the dose volumes will increase, although realistically this may be in March. We are learning as we participate in pilot events. We are beyond fixing to get ready; we’re ready to get going.